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Waterproof computers, IPC's and industrial computer enclosures for food processing companies and general manufacturing companies.

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Industrial Computer

Industrial computerIndustrial computer provides the ability to use computers in hostile environments such as factory floors.

The industrial PC's can be made to IP65 and IP54 standard providing protection in waterproof, dusty environments

Waterproof Enclosures.

Waterproof enclosureUse a Waterproof enclosure to protect computers and PC’s. Our 316 stainless steel enclosure are sealed to IP65 and will accept up to a 19” screen and processor unit.

In wet areas a Waterproof enclosure and desktop PC is the low cost alternative to an Industrial PC.

industrial Workstation

Industrial workstationIndustrial workstation provides ideal solution for companies who want computer protection in factory floors

LCD Enclosure

LCD Enclosure

Armagard's LCD enclosure range are designed to accommodate a large variety of commercial LCD or plasma displays, ranging from 24" to 50".

industrial PC

Industrial pcIndustrial PC for computer protection in factory environments, industrial pc's built to IP54 standard ensuring protection in dusty, hazardous environments.

Plasma Enclosure

Plasma Enclosures

Armagard's Plasma enclosure range are designed to accommodate a large variety of commercial LCD or plasma displays, ranging from 24" to 50".

Panel PC

Panel PC Panel PC providing secure computer use in factory environments whether it be dusty or wet.

LCD Touch Screens

Touch screenSlimline enclosure and touch screen provide a elegant wall mountable industrial solution offering touch screen technology at an economic price.

Protect Desktop Computers.

Computer enclosureProtect PC's in an harsh environment with a Computer Enclosure they make your desktop into a rugged PC using a computer cabinet made of steel.

Our pc enclosure is made of steel with a filtered air supply.

Computer Cabinets

Computer cabinets and computer enclosures to protect desktop pc's in the workplace.

Both stainless steel and mild steel computer cabinet solutions.

Waterproof Computers.

Stainless steel computer enclosure caseIn wet areas use a waterproof computer protected by a stainless steel case or simply protect a desktop PC with a stainless steel enclosure sealed to IP65.

These waterproof computers have the capabilities of a Industrial computer but are waterproof.

Keyboards and Mice

Waterproof keyboardWaterproof keyboard and a industrial mouse.

Computer Protection UK

Computer protectionComputer dust protection is essential to ensure reliable operation in hostile environments, in addition computer physical security is assured by the steel case of the PC-Guard computer protection PC enclosures

Rackmount keyboards

Industrial bar code scannerTruly resilient Rackmount keyboard and TFT console draws specifically designed to use in hazardous environments with built-in mouse.

Industrial Bar Code Scanner

Industrial bar code scannerWaterproof Industrial Bar Code Scanner sealed to IP65 in a stainless steel case.

Case Study of PC Guard - Customer application of stainless steel PC's and waterproof barcode scanners.

IP65 what is it? and how much protection does a nema 4 cabinet offer?

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Computer Enclosures - protect desktop PC's in an industrial environment.

Waterproof Computers - Stainless steel IPC sealed to IP65 / NEMA 4.

PC Protection - using Industrial Computer Enclosure.

Computer enclosures for Harsh Environments

Stainless Steel Computer Enclosure Case - Protect desktop computers in hose down areas.

Industrial Keyboard - Sealed rubber keyboard and mouse.

Waterproof Industrial Mouse

IP65 and NEMA 4 - What does it mean?

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