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PC protection hardware sealed to IP 54

PC PROTECTION In Hostile Environments

PC protection enclosure Computers are designed to sit on desktops. If you have to put them in a factory, warehouse, chemical plant, food processing plant or any other harsh environment without protection then your asking for trouble.

Breakdown, loss of data, the need to replace equipment…it all can be an expensive business.

PC protection using PC Guard is the cost effective way to extend the life of a standard Tower or Desktop Processor unit in hostile situations.

Protect your PC with solid steel enclosures

PC Guard's PC protection is made of steel to protect your PC’s against physical damage.
features include:
• The ability to house tower or desktop processor units
• Has a filtered air supply which combats airborne dirt and debris
• Security locks to help prevent tampering and theft

PC Protection Cabinet PC protection computer cabinet Plug ‘n’ Play design

The PC Guard Computer Processor Unit is fully assembled by us, with all doors, locks and fan fitted. This means you can install and use your processor within minutes.

Dimensions: 540mm deep x 530mm x 290mm, opening is 477mm x 230mm

Computer cabinetStainless Steel Computer Enclosure

Waterproof Enclosures for pc protection

PC guards waterproof Enclosures are designed specifically for pc protection in food processing and pharmaceutical companies.

The PC-Guard waterproof enclosures are made from 316 Stainless Steel, are sealed to conform to NEMA 4 and IP65 specifications. This means Jet washing them clean will in no way affect your computers thus keeping it clean and safe.

Why use Stainless Steel Enclosures for pc protection?

Waterproof stainless steel computer enclosures allow the use of standard desktop computers in areas that need to be hosed down to ensure the complete area is clean. By using standard desktops and waterproof stainless steel enclosures you get reliability at a very reasonable price.

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