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Industrial Keyboard sealed to withstand hazardous environments

Industrial Keyboards

Industrial keyboard products that are tough and robust and can withstand hazardous surroundings. Provides a wide verity of industrial, medical, illuminated and waterproof keyboards made from silicone, making it ideal for resistance against chemicals, water, dust and other potentially damaging things.

Ideal for environments such as:
- Food processing industries
- Factories, Mining, Building Sites
- Hospitals, Dentists,
- Pharmaceutical, Clean room technology,
- and much more

We offer wide range of industrial keyboards to suit our customer's requirement and budget. Our products are designed to meet with NEMA 4/ IP65 specifications. To request information regarding our industrial keyboards contact us at 0870 6083615 or send an email to -

Provides a complete line of industrial keyboards. They are manufactured to operate in washable, dust and corrosive environments. All industrial keyboard products meet NEMA 4 and IP65 specifications.

Flexible silicone-base keyboards with soft and comfortable feel with the ability to wash and roll-up for portable and compact application.
Bring you Conveyance, Silence, Soft Touch, Waterproof keyboard

Waterproof keyboards that can be cleaned with household detergents. Its silicone rubber makes it waterproof and dustproof. Ideal for industrial and medical environment use as well as outdoor environment

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