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Hardware Resources

At CableOrganizer.com, all of our server racks and computer cabinets are user customizable, ensuring that you get the best computer storage equipment for your needs. Just click on the size and type of server racks and security computer cabinets you need and select the options you would like in it.

CM Computers
CM Computer designs and manufactures full military, rugged, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS), VMEbus I/O, VMEbus modules and ATR enclosures with VME32 or VME64x backplanes. Offering the highest quality and reliability, with direct support from our in-house design engineers, CM Computer meets customer requirements for high-density rugged VMEbus I/O and severe environment ATR chassis.

Computer Power Solutions, Inc.
Computer Power Solutions, Inc. specializes in solutions to improve communications and provide the total solution for the smallest LAN Center up to a command center of Server Farms and Glass Houses. CPS does it all.

Hergo - Technical furniture and racking systems
Hergo provide Computer and Rackmount Enclosures and Cabinets, open rackmounts, computer desks and KVM. Also capable of doing custom metal work pieces and are used to dealing with a wide range of businesses.

Kewaunee Technical Products Group
Kewaunee Enclosures offer the best match for your specialized network applications. They adapt to your style and changing needs with a wide variety of door styles and configurations. There's even a choice of shelving, side panel, rail, and fan options.

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