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Computer security cabinet

A computer security cabinet is a tall movable cabinet used to house computers and computer equipment such as processor and monitor
Cabinet used to protect computer from harsh environments such as factory floors.

Computer Protection using a computer security cabinet

Using a computer security cabinet to protect a computer and other hardware equipment in a industrial surrounding such as factory floor. Computer security cabinets help to ensure that security of both the computer and other hardware equipment is easily achieved. We offer a range of computer cabinets ideal for use in food processing and factory floor environments, these range from stainless steel enclosures to mild steel computer cabinet.

Why use a computer cabinet instead of a industrial computer?
Most companies prefer to use standard PC's and computers because they are easier to obtain, have better support, cost less and also more flexible to work round. Also the industrial computers come at a heavy price and are often bought out on contracts which ties the company down to a certain way

Is there any setup or installation required?
Very little as we at PC Guard implement all the options that you have asked for so the fans, fan filters, wires, plugs etc. are assembled when the unit arrives at your door. All that is required by you is to put the unit where you want it to stand or hang, if hung make sure its securely bolted to wall or frame, then plug in your computer equipment and let it load up and your unit is then fully functional after only a few minutes