computer cabinet

Computer protection

Computer protection such as a computer enclosure is purpose built to be able to protect computers from such hazards as water and dust, inside a industrial environment. The Computer enclosure is made to either IP54 or IP65 standard thus ensuring the protection of a PC and other computer hardware in an industrial and commercial environment that might be a hostile one.

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cabinet dust protection

Using a Computer enclosure or cabinet to help protect a PC and other computer hardware in an industrial and commercial environment, which ensures security of both computer and electronic equipment in possible hostile environments is wise to ensure that production time is not lost.

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Title: Supplier of computer systems accredited with ISO 9002 certification.
Link: Avontech
Title: Manufacturer of computer chassis and provider of custom metal fabrication services. Manufacturer of custom made products for semiconductors for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Products and services are sold to multiple industries
Link: Bandy, Inc.
Title: Manufacturer of batteries that support real time clock and RAM functions in AT, laptop and notebook computers. Parent/holding company with a high-tech unit involved in e-commerce services. Products are sold to the computer industry.
Link: Battery-Biz