IP66 Keyboard IP65

Keyboard IP65 for industrial use supplied by Industrialcomputerenclosure.co.uk

A IP65 keyboard provides waterproof protection of computer equipment

Computer Protection using a IP65 keyboard.

industrial keyboards set to IP65 standard provides waterproof protection of hardware in water based industrial surroundings such as factory floors and mine sites. We also offer a range of IP65 and IP54 computer enclosure and cabinets ideal for use in food processing and manufacturing environments, the enclosures and cabinets range from mild steel computer cabinet to stainless steel enclosures.

Why use a IP65 keyboard?
The IP65 keyboard provides complete waterproof protection of computer equipment on factory floors or production plants. The keyboard is completely secure from jet wash cleaning. This means that along with a IP65 computerenclosure it can provide complete protection for all your computer systems and ensure that no production time is lost.

Is there any setup or installation required?
Very little as we at PC Guard implement all the options that you have asked for so the fans, fan filters, wires, plugs etc. are assembled when the unit arrives at your door. All that is required by you is to put the unit where you want it to stand or hang, if hung make sure its securely bolted to wall or frame, then plug in your computer equipment and let it load up and your unit is then fully functional after only a few minutes